How Could Better Public Transit Help Los Angeles?

2011 08 23 - 1626 - Washington DC - McPherson Sq Metro Station

You can get an idea from this Streetsblog Capitol Hill post, which shows what Metro has done for DC. Among other things, please note that transit = economic growth.

Photo by thisisbossi via Flickr.


Why Drivers Should Want More Cyclists, Not Fewer

Look how much more room there is for your car when people bike or ride the bus! Lavish!

Image is poster in city of Muenster Planning Office, August 2001. Credit: PressOffice City of Muenster, Germany

Commuter Express Congestion

I hope that LADOT realizes that they don’t just need new buses. They need more buses. And, by extension, more drivers. Yesterday there were 16 people standing the entire way from the Encino Park and Ride (and most of those got on a few stops before that point) to the first stop in Westwood. That’s a long time to stand, especially when there aren’t good places to hold on. (Seriously, LADOT officials, try holding onto an overhead bar for an hour in stop-and-go traffic. Not good for the wrists or elbows or my carpal tunnel. And what about the people who can’t reach the bar?