Oh, No, omop!

I’ve long been a fan of Method cleaning products. Some work better than others, but one standout is the omop. Washable, reusable pads attach to the mop head, so that you’re not throwing out paper pads every time you clean the floor. But you’re also not dealing with a disgusting mop head that’s hard to clean.

Although you can buy Method’s floor cleaning solutions–and I do buy the one for wood floors–I prefer to make my own all-purpose cleaner (hot water, glycerin soap, washing soda, spray bottle). It works well, and it’s unbelievably cheap.

The only downside to the omop is the handle. When we moved into the house, I bought my first omop. “First” is an important word here. About a year later, the little plastic pieces that kept the head attached to the pole broke off. Not wanting to start with a whole new system (I have quite a few of the pads already), I e-mailed Method. They said that they had redesigned the mop, and would send me a voucher good at Lowe’s. Right about the time I started to wonder when that voucher was going to show up, I got a package. Method didn’t send me a voucher–they sent me a new omop!

Fast forward to this morning, when the handle snapped off in my hand, while I was mopping the floor. And this time it’s less than a year–more like nine months. I’ve e-mailed Method again to see if they have a new design (the plastic does not seem to be durable, in my opinion).

In the meantime, I feel like the janitor at the beginning of The Right Stuff, who had to sacrifice part of his broom handle to help Chuck Yeager fly the Bell X-1 with broken ribs. Except that the handle of my omop isn’t going to fill such a compelling need. I’m not even sure if it can be recycled.


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