Sometimes it’s not just about us reusing. Sometimes it’s about helping other people reuse, as well. Goodwill has started The Donate Movement, which encourages people to think of donating used items as green–which it is. If items are being used multiple times, then fewer of them need to be created for single owners. And since Goodwill also provides job training, the calculator on the site lets you see how your donations affect the services they offer.

The vast majority of the furniture in our home is either from thrift stores or from family members who no longer need particular items. Similarly, a lot of our daughter’s clothing is from thrift stores, or hand-me-downs from friends with slightly older children. The new things we’ve gotten are great, but we’re also happy to be getting more use out of perfectly good baby items that simply have been worn before.

I’ve got several bags of clothing ready to go to Goodwill. While I’m there, I’m going to start looking for a bookcase for the nursery. She’s got lots of books and nowhere to keep them, and a used bookcase will hold them just as well as a brand new one. We’ll benefit–less stuff, more organization–and hopefully others will as well.


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