Diaper Round-up

So we all know about the disposable diapers sold by Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. Enough said. Or not. In the interests of thoroughness (and dryness), we have tried all of them. The Pampers Sensitives seem to be the winners of this bunch; they’re softer and have a stripe indicating when the diaper is wet. On the other hand, the baby tells us when she’s wet by screaming, so we really have an automatic sensor of our own here. Pampers in general are the most absorbent of the lot; unfortunately they are alleged to have caused rashes and chemical burns on some babies.

Hopefully those babies will be fine, and whatever the cause of their injuries is will be fixed. Even if these incidents are unrelated to Pampers, though, the fact remains that the mainstream brands are chock full of chemicals.

I’ve already reviewed gDiapers, which we continue to use. In addition to the problems we’ve had with dirty diapers (a gDiaper would never have stood up to this morning’s episode, but then neither did the diaper she was in), the gDiaper covers seem to chafe her. We’re going to try fastening them a bit more loosely to see how that works.

Seventh Generation diapers were a bust. They fit well, but didn’t seem to absorb much. We had to change them all the time. Mind you, I’m not advocating letting a baby sit around in her own pee for long periods of time, but when you have a newborn you change a lot of diapers. Too many, when it came to Seventh Generation. I did like that they even looked unbleached, though.

Now we’re trying Whole Foods 365 disposables*. These seem enormous; the labeling says that they’re for babies weighing between 6 and 15 pounds, but I think a 6-lb. baby would appear to be sitting in a boat in one of these. However, they are soft and absorbent, and made without chlorine.

If the resource you really want to save is money, though, buy Kirkland diapers at Costco.

*Update: I can’t find these on the Whole Foods website, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them in stores recently.


One thought on “Diaper Round-up

  1. Hey, I’m LaToya from Pampers. I came across your blog and wanted to say that it’s so cool that you want to pursue a greener lifestyle. We should make it better for our children. Hopefully we can leave them a cleaner, greener world. As I read through your blog I saw that you had concerns over the chemicals and rumors surrounding the new Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max. The ingredients in the new Cruisers are the same as in the previous ones. These ingredients have been safely used in diapers for many years. The Dry Max diapers also use fewer materials. If every Pampers mom switches to the Pampers with Dry Max, we could all save about 20 million pounds of trash every year. That’s equal to about 60 Statues of Liberty (based on 08/09 sales volume for Swaddlers/ Cruisers). Also due to material reduction we can fit 30% more diapers in the same space on a truck, which could result in an estimated 23% reduction in number of trucks compared to truck usage for previous Cruisers (2008) under the same volume. This would amount to an estimated reduction of 2,278 trucks, which equates to a reduction of 683,400 gallons of fuel and 4,100,400 miles per truck fuel capacity per year. As a mom of two this makes me feel a whole lot better using disposable diapers. It now makes me feel like I’m making small steps in being green.

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