Green Clean LA

So we wanted the house to be clean before the baby comes (yes, we’re having a baby! Any time now, actually.) But I’m super pregnant and can’t manage a thorough cleaning. Yet we know we’ll be happier and more relaxed after the baby comes home if the house is clean. What’s an expectant mother to do?

Answer: Do a bunch of Internet research and find out that it’s actually kind of tough to find a house cleaning service that uses nontoxic products and serves the San Fernando Valley. Fortunately, there is Green Clean LA.

Today was the day for their “detox” cleaning. Although it took significantly longer than projected, we have no problem with that. The two technicians who cleaned our house were really thorough. They moved furniture, dusted and straightened all of the blinds, got into the nooks and crannies of a carved Chinese chest, and cleaned everything–I mean everything–in the refrigerator. Plus, you know, mopping and vacuuming and all of that other cleaning stuff.

We’ll have them back for some follow-up visits after the baby is born, because I think we’ll have enough on our plates for the first month or so. Multiple choice:

(a) We could spend what little energy we have cleaning, and be even more tired during the first weeks of our child’s life.

(b) We could not clean, and then feel guilty about not cleaning, even though we’d rather spend what little energy we have staring at the baby.

(c) We could delegate the cleaning and feel peaceful about our surroundings while we spend what little energy we have staring at the baby.

Yep. C is pretty much a no-brainer. And thanks to Green Clean LA, it’s more likely to be a reality.


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