Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

It’s that time: Blog Action Day 2009. This year’s topic? Climate change. So what are we doing to try to reduce our impact? Here’s one thing:

We collect rainwater and greywater–the latter from the washing machine. This way we’re reducing the amount of water that is used only for watering ornamentals like the bougainvillea that came with the house and the flowers I’m trying to grow in the front planters (seeds carefully selected to match the soil and growing conditions–these will be annuals that shouldn’t require regular watering anyhow, if I’ve made the right choices). Some of the barrels are new, and others are repurposed–much like the wood that John used to make the platform they stand on.

It’s not like water is going to become cheaper or more plentiful in Southern California, and we want to do our part to use less.


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