Lawn Care

When we moved in, John’s father gave us one of the old push mowers that he had on hand. Very green, as lawn mowers go (greener not to have a lawn, I know, but I’m not sure what path we’re going to take there).

However, what we had was the push mower that hasn’t worked for at least 30 years. Still, we made do with what we had, all the while looking at new push mowers on our hardware store trips.

Then a friend said, “I have an extra electric mower.” Apparently it sat in the rain for at least a year. But you know what? It works. And our lawn is pretty small, so we don’t need a gas mower. The new-to-us electric mower isn’t cordless, so the trick is keeping the power cord out of the way of the blades.

So I’m off to mow a lawn for the first time in I don’t know how many years–certainly since high school. Wish me luck. And keep your fingers crossed that I don’t electrocute myself.


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