How to Avoid Kitchen Asphyxiation

It’s time to clean the oven. I’ve tried chemical cleaners in the past, and gave them up long ago. I’d rather have a dirty oven than gas myself. And frankly, the chemical cleaners didn’t clean that well anyhow. So the result was that I gassed myself and had a dirty oven. Win-win!

Fortunately, there’s a way that’s (a) easier, (b) nontoxic, and (c) effective. The secret ingredient? Baking soda. You just sprinkle it thickly over the bottom of the oven and then sprinkle water over that. Leave it overnight, and wipe clean in the morning. Tomorrow it should look better than this:

Oven Cleaning

But what’s that near the top of the photo?

That’s right. I forgot that I have a self-cleaning oven.


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