Car-Free Blog Challenge, Day Two

Although yesterday marked a Marathon-caused break in the challenge, I spent the latter part of the evening getting ready to go back to work today. I put my iPod, wallet, dress shoes, keys, etc. in my backpack–everything except breakfast and snacks, which needed to stay in the refrigerator overnight.

This morning I put my lunchbag into the backpack and pedaled to the bus station. I chain up my bike there and then take the bus the rest of the way to work.

The difference from my recent routine is the biking. I’ve done this off and on, but have not been getting up and out early enough to catch my regular bus if I bike–so I’ve been driving to the bus station. This is pretty ridiculous, because it’s just a hair over a mile away. I prefer biking there and back; I just haven’t been quick enough in the morning.

But it did feel good to start off the day with some much-needed exercise. Now I’m off to prep for tomorrow. And to figure out how to get ice cream home from the grocery store when the insulated shopping bag is too big for my panniers. My guess? Blue ice and a small insulated lunch bag. I think it’ll work.


2 thoughts on “Car-Free Blog Challenge, Day Two

  1. So how did the rest of your week go? I’m posting the Car-Free carnival today. Would love to know how biking to work and shopping for ice cream worked out for you by bike.

  2. Oh, I just realized that you started just this week! Okay, I’m going to link to your first two posts. I’ll send you the URL for the blog carnival so you can leave comments and update us on your progress this week. Good work so far.

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