Car-Free Blog Challenge

Beth Terry posted a Car-Free Blog Challenge on Blogher, and I have accepted–with a caveat. Because John is running the L.A. Marathon tomorrow, and I need to drop him off, pick him up, and cheer him on from various points along the way, I need a car.

However, I am going car-free for the rest of this week, starting today. And how is it going?

Just fine. Of course, my Sundays often are rather home-centered, so there’s not much difference to be seen yet. I biked to the farmers’ market (as I usually do; it’s very close, and getting in and out of their parking lot in a car is so challenging that driving would take longer), and I’ve been doing a lot of laundry and a bit of cleaning and yardwork.

Mostly, though, I’ve been thinking about what going car-free will mean. John has pointed out that he is not going car-free (although, frankly, a lot of his time already is), and that he is able to run errands by car. This is true, but I’m going to try to avoid having him run errands on my behalf. That wouldn’t seem to be any different from, say, going to the bookstore myself.

Similarly, where do I meet friends for coffee or brunch? What if they come to me? I don’t think this is going to be a big issue during this particular period; I don’t have plans to get together with friends. But if I did, how much of their driving to meet me would be within the range of what we would normally do–we live in different parts of town, so we already alternate locations–and how much would be asking them to drive when they normally wouldn’t?

Therefore it will be interesting to see which outings truly are impossible–or at least very hard–to do without a car, and which are simply easier to do by car.


2 thoughts on “Car-Free Blog Challenge

  1. Would it be cheating if you took part in car sharing, or peer-to-peer car sharing?? If not you could always try looking for a car in your area with
    But perhaps this would defeat the point? I’m not sure but just a suggestion for any errands you might need a car for!

  2. In terms of the challenge, it probably would be, but it’s a good idea for other times.

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