Dog Days of April

Saturday’s high: 87
Yesterday’s high: 95
Today’s projected high: 101

So it’s hot. And that’s not a lot of fun, particularly for John–he’s training for the L.A. Marathon (cruelly scheduled for Memorial Day this year), and ran 18 miles on Saturday.

On the other hand, it’s great weather for clotheslines and drying racks. Sweaters have never dried so quickly!


2 thoughts on “Dog Days of April

  1. You’re right–usually it’s in March. About three years ago, there was a lot of coverage about how church leaders in the Crenshaw area were unhappy because a (rather small) proportion of their membership found it difficult to get to church services on the day of the Marathon. The first response was to change the route so that the race started in Universal City and ended downtown. (This route was an awful run, for a variety of reasons.) Then this year they first moved it up to Presidents’ Day, and got complaints because that’s a work day for a lot of people. So then it was moved to Memorial Day.

    The result is that (last I heard) registrations are down considerably. Apparently lots of people recognize that even if the previous, better course has been restored, that’s likely to be a hot day for a race. Plus I’m sure that plenty of people had scheduling conflicts, since so many people travel on Memorial Day Weekend. They seem to be considering moving back to March next year, which I think will be a good move.

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