Make a Good Last Impression

It’s the one your customers take away. TiVo gets this, I’m happy to say.

Another thing TiVo gets is how to use social media. It isn’t for selling, it’s for sharing information and building relationships. I put my post about the challenges of canceling our TiVo account on Facebook. Then I thought, “Hey, haven’t I heard about someone representing TiVo on Twitter?”

That memory turned out to be correct. I posted a link on Twitter, too. And I got a response! After a few direct messages, I was assured that someone was looking into the issue.

Just before I left, I got a call from Paul. He apologized, said, “It appears that some of these case notes were taken improperly,” and told me that the charge would be removed from our account. He let me know when to follow up, if we were still having problems. And he said that he hoped we’d take a look at some new offerings they’ll have later in the year, to see if the new products meet our needs.

So not only did Paul solve my problem, but he let me know that he thinks I’m able to determine what products work for me. It wasn’t a hard sell at all–just information and a request to evaluate it when the time comes.

And you know what? We probably will take a look at TiVo when their products are available. Because what they provided yesterday, across the board, was good customer service.


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