Let’s Go to the Tape, Shall We?

As you know, we moved. One of the things we did when we moved was cancel our TiVo service.

Why? Good question. We were happy with TiVo. But TiVo didn’t (at that time, at least) work with DirectTV. So we got the DirectTV DVR, and we canceled TiVo.

Except that TiVo says we didn’t. TiVo’s “case notes” say that we accepted three months for free, and then failed to pay after that.

Except that we didn’t. Why would we? Who takes three free months on something they’re not even going to hook up, when they’re getting the same type of service from a different provider?

No one. Certainly not us. And now I hate TiVo.

When I called (November 4, BTW), I was told that the account was canceled. Now they say we accepted an offer we would never have accepted. They also say (and by they, I mean Supervisor Jeff) that because we are closing the account, there is no reason why they should make any allowances for us–and he’s going by the “case notes,” even if they’re wrong because TiVo couldn’t keep records accurately. Now that’s stellar customer service. Sarcasm too hard to discern? Okay. I really mean that’s abysmal, disgraceful, and just plain bad customer service.

The only thing they can do is go to the tape recording of that call and tell us what it says. They have no way of letting us hear what it says. We have to take their word for it. Next week, when they get around to it.



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