I Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Tile Floors

I do not understand who thinks it’s a good idea to have tile floors in a kitchen. Well, I do understand–people who never go into a kitchen.

We have very nice tile floors in our kitchen, dining area, and bathrooms. They look great. They’re easy to clean. And that’s about all they’ve got going for them.

Tile is very hard to stand on. It’s hard on the feet, it’s hard on the knees, it’s hard on the back. It just isn’t comfortable. If you’re cooking, you’re doing a lot of standing. Tile is a bad choice.

They’re cold. I’m sure I’ll be happier about this in the summer, but right now it’s winter.

Have you ever dropped a glass on tile? That stuff goes everywhere! I spent too much of the afternoon on my hands and knees with wet paper towels (no, a reusable cloth would not have been better in this case) to pick up the tiny shards that eluded the whisk broom and dustpan. Also, there is nothing environmentally sound about breaking a glass. Now we just need more glasses.

If we ever redo the kitchen floor, I’m putting in linoleum.


2 thoughts on “I Have Seen The Enemy, and It Is Tile Floors

  1. Funny, this is exactly what happened to my parents. They had tile put into a new kitchen in a new house. After a few years, my mom’s feet were killing her, and they ripped up the tile and put in vinyl. SO much easier on the feet.

    My floors are vinyl over hard wood, and I keep thinking I should take up the vinyl and let the hard wood show through, but it’s so dang easy to clean the vinyl that I hate to take it up.

    Meanwhile, the bathroom is WHITE tile! What brilliant person thought of that? It’s constantly dirty. Ugh.

  2. Our tile is white–or just barely off-white, and I feel like I’m cleaning it all the time! Maybe one of these days we’ll redo the floors, but there’s only so much we can do at once.

    My parents put in tile when they built their house, and I’m sure that the long tiled hallway was a contributing factor to her osteoarthritis.

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