Bike-Friendly Inauguration

Re-Nest has a post about bike valets at Obama’s inauguration next Tuesday. Considering how security concerns seem to be shutting down D.C. for the event, it’s good to see that some steps are being taken to make the city more accessible for some people.

However, how many people are going to want to bike in the D.C. area in January? Right now the predicted high for Inauguration Day, according to, is 34 degrees. You’d have to be a pretty dedicated cyclist, I think. And that’s the high, not the temperature one might expect during one’s ride into town. I’ve biked to the bus stop when it was 35 degrees, but that’s only a mile.

I like the idea as an idea. I’m not sure how it’ll work as a reality. Hopefully there will be some coverage of how much business the bike valet service gets.


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