Fresh and Easy

Yesterday I made my first trip to Fresh and Easy. This is a U.S. branch of Tesco supermarkets, from the UK, and appears to be aimed at the Trader Joe’s segment of the market.

I like the idea, and the layout–not to mention the prices. But I’m not sure yet about the actual food. There are a lot of organic options, and the labeling clearly states when foods do not contain extraneous hormones or antibiotics, which is good. But the vanilla pudding and coconut flan both had odd flavors in the background.

Those may not be representative, however. We’ll see how things go as I cook; today I’m making beef stew, and tomorrow I’m making pepperoni pizza, because they had bags of pizza dough for sale and I couldn’t resist. (Hey, now that we have a real kitchen AND have found the pizza stone, I pretty much have to make pizza.)

I have one relative who loves Fresh and Easy and another who was underwhelmed, for what that’s worth. And I’ve read warnings from the UK that Tesco is a monster that will eat everything in its path. But considering how much people here love Trader Joe’s, I think Fresh and Easy will need to settle for its own share of the market, lest it find itself biting off more than it can chew.


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