Have Bike, Will Travel

So far, the commute seems to be going pretty well. I drive to the busway and then make one connection, and John bikes to a bus stop and then gets a ride to work from there.

However, today he biked all the way to work because the racks on the buses were full. It’s great that more people are doing a bike-bus combo–but maybe the bus company needs to figure out how to make more room for bikes. Just a thought, and not an original one.

And I’m about to start biking to the busway station. I don’t like the driving portion of my commute; it’s only a mile, but when driving that mile home is the last thing I do, it feels like I took the car for the entire trip. I’ll drive when the weather is bad (this means rainy; we’re in Southern California, after all, so I’m willing to brave what passes for cold here) or when I’m sick, but I’d prefer to bike when I can. That’s the theory, anyhow.

Oh, and I tried adding that connection, to see if it might shorten the commute. My conclusion? Possibly, but only on the return trip. It turns out that the additional connection does a bit of backtracking of its own–and in the morning I’m the only person at the stop. It feels a little isolated and exposed, and I think I’ll pass on both of those.

Overall, though, I think the bus is a success, and I’ll be sticking with it.


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