The Power of Web 2.0, or AT&T Makes Nice

So I’ve been blogging about my problems with AT&T, and I started a Facebook group about it. One of my friends joined, and then someone she knows, who is also on Facebook, asked about the group. The reason? She works for AT&T. Her name is Stephanie (I’m not using last names) and she offered to help us out. I wrote her a long e-mail explaining the sequence of events, and she put us in touch with a group that would expedite our issue.

Two days passed. Nothing happened.

I e-mailed Stephanie again, and she said she would try another approach.

Yesterday afternoon I got three calls from Cynthia at AT&T–one while I was at work, and two during my commute home. The upshot? Free replacement modem, billing adjustment for the service we didn’t get, two months free service, and lots of apologies.

So I no longer hate AT&T. The past is not erased, but I’m moving on from it.

And that is the power of Web 2.0. Not just that it gave me another avenue to air my complaints (although it did), but that through social networking I was put in contact with someone who had the power to solve my problem.

So a set of big thank-yous goes out to my friend (who joined the group), to Stephanie (who volunteered to help) and to Cynthia (who persisted in reaching me). And another thank-you to Facebook, for providing us with a way to connect.

The correct modem should be here soon. I can’t wait.


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