You Would Not Believe . . .

. . . how many people are on the bus at 6:30 in the morning. I take the Orange Line (a dedicated busway) to a Metro Rapid bus that runs north-south across the San Fernando Valley and then into West L.A. And it is packed.

I usually can’t sit down, at least not when I first get on the bus. And I pick it up probably 2/3 of the way across the Valley, so you know that many of the people on the bus have gotten up very early indeed.

This encourages me in my theory that ridership would increase if there were more buses on the various routes. Because if more people could sit down, more people would be willing to take public transportation. No, not everyone. But more people. And that would mean fewer cars on the road. More buses, fewer cars. Makes sense, at least to me.

Tonight I’m going to begin a little experiment. My current route involves a bit of backtracking, so that I’m covering more ground than I need to. So I’m going to add a connection in the hope that it will actually shorten my ride. Will that be the outcome? Or will it just mean that I have to wait longer? And either way, will it mean that I can’t get a seat at all?

Stay tuned for updates.


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