And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Yesterday the new modem arrived. It’s tiny, spacey, shiny, and cool. Also, it didn’t work. John spent a lot of the latter part of the evening on the phone with AT&T, and the person he was talking to did a good job of testing, diagnosing, and communicating. But here’s why that doesn’t really help:

They sent us the wrong modem.

Yep, we were supposed to get a wireless modem, and we got a regular one. So we can’t use our laptops for anything Internet-related. Which is a big part of why we switched our Internet service to AT&T a couple of years ago.

And we can’t use the old modem, because not only is it, in AT&T’s words, “really old,” but it’s also broken.

I still hate AT&T.


3 thoughts on “And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

  1. I went online looking for I Hate ATT blogs because my boss and I thought of starting one if it didn’t exist. It does!
    The day before yesterday we decided to change 7 of our local office phone lines to new numbers. We had the old ones a long time and, being in a broker for insurance, we don’t need people calling us back all the time after we sold them insurance, they need to call the insurance company…long story, but that’s why we wanted new phone lines.

    ATT said they would change out the old lines for new ones, it would take 3 hours. After 3 hours we tried out the phone lines to make sure they were all in place so we could hook them up to our toll free number…2 worked…two others went to other people’s private residences, and one went to an automotive repair shop!!! The last two just rang and rang. I tried to call ATT but they had just closed and would not open until 8 the next morning. We had to take down all our toll numbers so people would not call in for insurance and end up calling people’s homes or a car repair place. We get hundreds of calls a day!

    I called first thing the next morning. They “passed on” the message to the tech who had “set the new lines up”. They said she would call me back right away. She didn’t. I called back after 45 minutes. The “manager” passed my message on to the tech and said the tech would call right back. She didn’t. They told me the lines would be reversed and put back to the old lines in 2 hours. They weren’t. Meaniwhile we can’t get any incoming calls from customers! And the ones trying to call in from the day before, with their account information, get a “you have reached a line that is no longer in use” message!

    At one point my boss called them. They tried to blame the whole thing on me! ME! They said I had messed things up when I first put in the order and then called the next day to revers the order. When he explained to them WHY I had done that, they told him to calm down, that the tech was on the phone with ME as they spoke…I WASN”T!

    I finally called ATT Voice Mail to try to set up some kind of message system to tell people our phone lines were down. When the tech there heard that we had been without phone lines of almost 24 hours she took things into her own hands and called someone she knew who could take care of the problem. It was not the people we had been dealing with before.THEY finally got us all set up and taken care of. The regular people everyone has to talk to are a bunch of mindless idiots! We lost 7 new accounts and untold new customers because our lines were down for 24 hours! They did not care.

    I know this is long, but it is good to vent. This is not the first time ATT has messed up our phone lines of accounts. They have double billed us 3 times this year alone! It pays to pay close, close attention to the ATT billing, too!

    Thanks for letting me vent!


    Hello everyone, I am so happy that I found a place where I can leave my info about at&t and their service. If I had my ways I would never get a service from them. “LET ME KNOW IF I TOPE ANY ONE ELSE EXPERIANCE…..” here is my story. So, my parents can’t speak well English…so usually I would be the one giving 100 calls to att. So than, my parents decides to move to one apt to another. My brother called att to see if any are able to transfer the service to new place and if there is going to be any charge. Well they said they can transfer the service and they will be not charge. YA RITE LIKE THEY DO ANY FREE OF CHARGE. We believed them. BIG MISTAKE. They charged us for it big time. The transfer fee is more than installation fee. I called to see what in hell is going on. Well I was advice by them that they do not see a note from when my brother calls to verify such info. There for they can not do anything about it. And so I had to pay the money I was so mad, told him this is just wrong. I spend 3 hours with him arguing. I told me the only reason I have the danm land line is that I need the internet. Well at that time he told me that they have service call “Direct Loop”(I think). As long as I have an other product with att. Which is just the internet does not require a phone line and it’s also $25 a month. I was and I end yup paying the bill in full which I should have not. Well he set me up for the account, told it will be starting from this date. Well two weeks after that we got a letter in mail saying they don’t have that service available at are place there for they cant offer us that service. So that I was like ok fine F**k it…that month we got two bills in are mail. One for the $25 and one for the internet and phone line. I was like what the f**k is going on. Oh and byw the $25 account was opened under my brothers name and ssn, who ever called att to open an account with them.

    So than i called them again…i am like what the f**k your going one side u say we don’t have a such service and u go head and charge us for it. Well they are like well talk to are tech serv. people. I did that I was told that the $25 service was running to are place from sep 25. I was like than why in hell u send us letter saying we don’t have the service. They are like just pay this $25 and don’t worry about the other bill. BIG MISTAKE AGAIN…(spoke with 8 people 3 and half hours)

    Got two bills again from them one for $25 and one with late charges on it which they told me not to pay. I called again…got mad at the person I was speaking too…transfer me to manger (only mgnr I was able to speak to) told me not to pay the bill and will send a letter in mail which say I have no balance to do. I was like OK….

    I also did not tell me the $25 is under my brother who is not 18 nor did he call to open an account with you. Advice me to have him call and change the name on account and there will be no charge to do so. I had my brother call them. They say in order for them do change the name they have to cancel the account and open one under my mom. At that time this person informs my brother that the $25 service is not available at my place. “COME ON…..U THINK WE’RE SUTPID…JUST IN MIN THE SERVICE IS NOT THERE….: o……” well they end up give us a service with phone line and internet…which I did not want to it. The only thing we want it was name change. Since the nov. 18 my brother is trying to get the internet running. It has not happened.
    We’re give a date when the internet should be working at are place. The date came my brother try to run the internet….GUESS WHAT…:O….IT DOES NOT WORK….BIG SUPRISE….MAN…so he called to there tech. people who does not care whose on acc. and whose calling…my brother told them the problem they told him it will be ruing next wed….the wed. came…it was not run. Called again was told this Friday. Called them again…told us call us on this day at 8:00pm at nite…it will be running…did not happened…they continued til dec. 12…I got mad….

    Told them what kind of shit and what kind f**k bus. They are running… (Also protented to be my mom cuz she was the one on acc.)..Give all the info they need it and she told me the internet is running but they are having some problem with phone line that is not working…”NOW TELL ME IF THE PHONE LINE IS NOT WORKING HOW COME THE INTERNET IS WORK???????????????????” SOME TIME I THINK THEY THINK WE’RE STUPID AND DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON…..she told me her computer system say its working…I told if it was working. I would have not been making this call. she is like yes mam ur rite…and this and that….I also asked her how come we don’t have the $25 internet service anymore…she was like cuz its not available at ur place…I told her I was using it for last month and half…how come suddenly its not available at the time my brother called to change the name on acc.? She was like oh I don’t know…I don’t see any of that notes in ur acc.
    So I asked her u don’t see a note in this acc. when my brother called to change the name and that…entire she was like not…I was like then who did u cancelled the acc. and open a new one????????? She was like….um…ahhhh…I don’t know. I asked her I want to speak to a manger…she would not let me…nor would she let me transfer…she was like I can put a request when the manger will give a call in 24 to 48 hours…I told her she could do that but I want a manger now…she was like well they all are gone for today…which is 5pm central time….she transfer me to one more person who would not listen to me…and hug up on me….SUCH A NICE CUS. SER…..WHICH THEY BRAGE ABOUT IT…..

    So that was last Friday dec. 12 this is today Friday dec. 19 still waiting for a call from manger….

    so than I called again was speaking with a person…I told her as soon as I got her that I want to manger cuz I am waiting for their call from a week now…she was like what is the phone # who am I speaking to…I told her I am not giving that info to her but to a manger…she got rude and hug up on me…than I called tech. sup. people…the call went to over sea…I told the person sorry but I need a manager…and I got one…but was not helpful…THE PEOPLE WHO SAYS THAT I CALLED AND THE CALLED WENT TO OVER SEA AND I WAS NOT HAPPY…WELL…ATLIST WHEN U ASK FOR MANAGE U GET ONE…AND THEY ARE NICE AND THEY LISTEN TO U…AND TRY TO HELP U…” the people over here…are rude and would not let to finish whatever u have to say…AND WILL NEVER TRANSFER YOU TO A MANAGER…THAT WOULD BE A DREAM….AND WILL LAUGH AT U…” spoke with a person for hours and never got a manager had to leave my info. So they could call me back…and they will not call me today. will have to waiting for 24 to 48 hours….I don’t know who they think they are….”I THINK CUSTOMER MEANS NOTHING TO THEM….I WISH THE COMPANY WILL BE BANKRUPT…SOON….” they can take urn money but will not provide good cus. ser. they will tell u that if u don’t act rite with them ur not getting any thing do or they will mass with ur acc. more…”STILL WAITING FOR MANAGER CALL…I have never seen such a bad cus. ser……att tops it….

  3. My AT&T Yahoo Internet has been down for 26 hours since yesterday morning. After hours calls to AT&T customer support, they admitted there was an outage with one of their POPs in my area, and asked me to call back by COB.

    I called again in the evening. Again, after hours on the phone with customer service, they said the outage was fixed, and everything worked fine at their end. So it was my modem, it was Netgear, not AT&T supported modem. Again, after hours calling AT&T, my Internet was “dead in the water”, unless (it appears) I change my modem….

    So this morning I went out to the AT&T store and bought a brand new AT&T modem… well, same thing happened, my Internet still doesn’t work, except THEIR modem said there was NO ATM Circuit!!! So I called AT&T again…. and again after hours on the phone, they seemed run out of Excuses, said they would have their “Advanced” programmer to take a look, and call me back….

    If Google’s 5 minutes outage cost Google to credit all of their customers’ one FULL month fee, WHAT the HELL do you think AT&T ought to credit me for my 26 hours frustration, phone bills, plus two days valuable time????????

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