Flooring options

Time is not on my side in this project. I really wanted to use linseed oil to refinish the floors. But we had a reference for a hardwood floor refinisher–who actually returned our call–and he doesn’t use linseed oil. However, he does use a water-based urethane, and that’s better than polyurethane in terms of off-gassing.

Also, they finished a day ahead of schedule. And since time is at a premium, I am glad about that.

So I feel bad about not using linseed oil, which was something of a priority for me. But on the other hand, since we’re moving in a few days, I’m glad the job is done, and I’m glad we were able to find a way to cut down on the off-gassing (although believe me, the house does not smell pretty right now).

Still, though, don’t the floors look good?


2 thoughts on “Flooring options

  1. Thanks! After years in apartments, we’re happy to have walls we can paint whatever color we want, and these colors make us even happier!

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