An ongoing process

Spackle is fun. It’s fun to apply, and it’s fun to say. Give it a try. Spackle, spackle, spackle.

But it’s a good illustration of the challenges of greening a home. Is there something greener than spackle? Possibly. Do I know what it is? I have no idea. And in addition, I don’t have time to learn what the green alternative is and acquire it in time to meet the rest of the schedule we need to keep.

And we do need to keep it, because we’ve submitted our 30-day notice to our apartment rental agency.

Similarly, I suspect it would be greener to buy reusable dropcloths. But what would we do with them when we’re done? Store them for the painting business we don’t have? And there are any number of things that we really do need to buy to get the house move-in ready. I’m not sure that money is best spent on reusable drop cloths that we won’t reuse.

Money isn’t the only resource to consider. There’s also sleep. I think I’ll get some now.