Full disclosure

Truth be told, so far we’re not that green. In fact, I’m pretty disappointed in our lack of green.

My in-laws were tremendously helpful, and got lots of work done. But that work was done in ways that I might not have picked. There may well have been no better way to get the paint stain off the cement patio than with paint stripper and a high-pressure washer. But I wouldn’t have picked ammonia as the cleaner of choice in my kitchen and bath.

And I had non-green contributions of my own. For example, I chose to use disposable cleaning wipes. While that won’t be my common practice once we’re settled, during this preliminary phase I don’t have the time or energy to deal with washing reusable cloths.

I also spent a lot of time getting ready to paint. The TSP clearly isn’t a green choice, even if it has a green hue. And the primer that we’re using under the low-VOC paint we plan to buy? Kilz. I think the name says it all.

Needless to say, all of the driving we’ve been doing between apartment and house isn’t green. On the other hand, that really is a temporary situation; once we’ve moved, our commute (mostly along that same route) will be via public transit.

Hopefully once the primer is finished, we’ll be in a position to move on to greener products.